The 87th edition of the McLeod Series tipped off in Estevan Tuesday night, and the Weyburn Comprehensive School Eagles came away from the first two games of the four-game, total point series with a slim lead, 134-133. 

The first game of the night saw the boys take to the hardwood. The ECS Elecs took the lead at the end of the first quarter and would hold off the Eagles to win the game by a final score of 76-71. The Eagles were led by Thomas Olson, who finished with 39 points.  

“The boys, they played hard, their hustle was there, but we never really melded well most of the game,” said senior boys’ head coach Jody Kerr. “We kind of had two or three guys working together, but we never really saw a full five, so I think that was one of the things that kind of pointed out the difference tonight.” 

The second game of the night saw the WCS senior girls coming away with a 63-57 victory. The Eagles did hold a 12-point lead heading into the fourth quarter, but the Elecs managed to narrow the margin, keeping things close for the return leg of the series scheduled for Thursday.  

WCS was led by Faith Magawa, who finished the game with 17 points, and by Aycen Schwindt, who had 16 points.  

“We pulled out a good win,” said WCS coach Hailey Neiszner.  

“We kept the energy up the whole time, and we stayed pretty ahead of them,” added Skylar Kreger.  

The final two games of the series will be played in the Eagles Gym at Weyburn Comprehensive School on Thursday night. The girls tip off at 5:30 p.m., and the boys will play after that.  

Weyburn has won 47 of the previous 86 McLeod Series and has won four straight.