We are now very much feeling the winter, especially with the cold snap that's upon us. So, just in case you missed them, here is a reminder of all of our recent stories pertaining to the, 'New Year, new me!' line of thinking.

Mental health for many takes a dip after the winter holidays, so we spoke with Envision Counselling and Support Centre's Raven Daer for tips on dealing with the mental health lows that often come in January, and keeping your New Year's Resolutions.

"Now, we don't want to say to throw those Resolutions out the window as they can absolutely be beneficial for some people, but if you're finding that they are putting that pressure on you, try and reshape that and focus on setting intentions instead. This could be weekly or even daily, and they might look like just being present, being patient, or even just making conscious choices in terms of daily movement, eating well and all sorts of things."

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Program Director at the CMHA Weyburn Branch, Tasha Collins, shared some tips with us as well, with an emphasis on movement and trying new things.

"Finding maybe an outdoor activity to do spending more time outdoors, and if you cannot be outdoors every day throughout the week, maybe you can find a way to put your chair there in the window so you're getting some of that sunlight throughout the day, instead of being in an office all day. Or maybe you get to you take 10 minutes and you go and stand outside. You go for a little quick walk to the corner and back just to get some vitamin D and just a little bit of exercise. Get your heart rate up just a little tiny bit."

"Maybe it's just trying something new, something that you've never done before, and just seeing how it works for you," she continued. "It could be just going for a walk on the trails. Just moving your body really can be beneficial."

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If you are hoping - or downright determined - to get back in shape this year, we got some great advice from Ryan Fowler, Owner of Olympia In-Depth Performance, and Supervisor Marnell Spencer, both of whom are also accomplished power lifters.

“We know that physical fitness and physical well-being is linked to mental health and mental well-being, so our encouragement is always to get moving,” said Fowler. “Get your blood pumping. And always, you will feel better at the end of a workout than you ever did at the start of workout. You can work off stress. You can work off those Christmas dinners or those birthday suppers or whatever the case might be.”

“We learn to crawl, and then we walk. It's no different at the gym. You've got to walk in the door and go from there.”

“Yes, life gets busy, but you have to be accountable to yourself and look after your own well-being, and physical and mental, they're so intertwined,” added Spencer.

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The Weyburn Police Service is also offering help to those who are too cold. Constable Roy with the Weyburn Police Service said that their doors are always open.

"There are some areas that are open to the public, one place being the Weyburn Police Service. Our lobby is open 24 hours a day," he offered.

Roy said that while the lobby of the police station is a safe place to take a break from the cold and warm up, anyone finding themselves unable to reach the station should immediately call for help.

"If it is an emergency, or else you're stuck somewhere and you can't get somewhere warm, you can use our telephone line and we will come and assist," he affirmed. "We're here to serve the public and we want to make sure people are safe. With the cold, frigid elements right now, it's easy to get affected by the cold really fast. So, we're here to help 24 hours a day."

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If you just want to get involved in the community and don't know where to begin, visit the Discover Weyburn events calendar HERE.