A grand opening was held on May 17th for King's Department Store in Carlyle, and new owner Jade Moore held said it was well-received by the community.

"I am glad it went over as well as it did. It was a lot of work for myself and my staff to throw such a big event. I am so, so grateful for my staff for helping me do this. It was nice to celebrate our new ownership of the store. People oftentimes forget or neglect to celebrate milestones, but it's important! It will be a day to remember. 

Moore said her background in real estate has prepared her for this new role.

"I believe that all of my past career and life experiences will help me be successful as a retailer. Real estate in particular has given me the tools to communicate well with others, negotiate with suppliers, and running a business."

She expressed that former owner Ken King led by strong example.


"I think a lot of the reason why he was so successful and connected well with customers and the community is because he truly has a big heart and cares for everyone. That is something that I am ready to do in this business - run it with my heart." 

As for what she most looks forward to, it doesn't stop at business.

"I love fashion, I love business, I love social media, and I love tending to customers," Moore shared. "This job is so much fun! But, what I think I am most looking forward to is being around my staff daily and having them as my bonus family. It's so important to me that they enjoy coming to work, and that they feel at home here. I am so lucky to work with such a great team and I am so grateful for them."