The Weyburn Trails Association was one of the recipients of the Weyburn Credit Union Community Fund grants last week. They received $4,000 to expand the trails and for signage.

According to Mike Manko-Bauche, one of the founders of WTA, formerly known as the Weyburn Mountain Bikers Club, they are looking forward to purchasing a riding lawn mower for volunteers.

"It will speed up the mowing of our green trails and free up time for expansion. More people are likely to sign up for riding mower duty than push mower duty, as well."

He said their walking / easy riding paths have been extended out to the Rubbing Rock, visible from Highway 39. 

"We call that trail 'Old Town Tear' because it goes along the south side of Heritage Village, the old town," he explained. "We are making a deliberate attempt this year to make that a permanent trail, as in the past it was a last priority."

Manko-Bauche added that the new signage should be going up this weekend.

Find the WTA group on Facebook HERE.