The first-ever Women of Distinction Gala is coming up in Weyburn, and nominations are now open! 

The event is being put on this year by the Youngfellow Wives, who are taking over from the Quota Club of Weyburn. The changeover is also leading to a few changes in what the presentation of the awards will look like this year.  

“We will have a speaker, we have four awards to present, and then we have DJ Richie Roy there for the evening to turn it into an all-evening event,” explained Dallen Hodgkin. She is a member of the YF Wives and is co-chair of the committee responsible for the gala.  

The four awards this year are the Weyburn Credit Union Workplace Excellence Award, the YF Wives Community Service Award, the Exceptional Entrepreneur Award, and the Weyburn Oilwomen’s Young Woman of Distinction Award.  

The nominations for the awards are now open, and the nomination package can be picked up at Weyburn Credit Union, the Weyburn Review, or through the YF Wives' Facebook page. 

So, what are the criteria for a Woman of Distinction? 

The Young Woman of Distinction can be anybody between the ages of 18-30. For the other categories, it can be any woman in the community who fits the description for each award.  

“There are so many women in our community that would fit all of these categories,” Hodgkin added.  

“I highly encourage you to really look at the women in our community and get them nominated and show that we appreciate them and that they are seen in this community,” Hodgkin pointed out.  

The event itself is scheduled for May 5th and will be held at McKenna Hall. The nominations for the awards are now open, and tickets for the gala are available starting on April 1st.