One of the tried-and-true signs that spring is here – the weed control program in the City of Weyburn parks.  

Crews from the city are scheduled to begin the work this week, said Parks Manager Curtis Block, as long as Mother Nature co-operates with the City of Weyburn’s plans.

"We are geared up to start spraying, starting in Jubilee (Park), starting tomorrow April 30th, through May 2nd, followed with Tom Lang Park, May 8th through the 9th,” Block explained. “However, we do have rain in the forecast.” 

The rain is expected to start tomorrow, and more is forecast for Thursday and Friday of this week. If the rain does come, especially in the volumes expected, the spraying operations will be postponed until conditions are more ideal. 

“The reason is, the spray that we use is a contact spray, and it must be dry,” Block added. “If there’s any moisture to follow, it makes the chemical less effective, so it’s ideal to have good, dry conditions.” 

When the spraying does get underway, alerts will be sent out via the City of Weyburn Voyent alert system. Additionally, the areas that are being sprayed will be demarcated by flags and signage. The public is asked to avoid the area when the spraying is underway, and for 24 hours after the spraying is completed, or the signs and flags have been removed.