Another week, another low-pressure system passing through southeast Saskatchewan.  

Dan Fulton, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, explained the system is coming up from the northern plains states and is pushing the rain into southern Saskatchewan and Alberta. 

“So, we’re expecting kind of a wet couple of days, which probably isn’t even the worst thing in the world,” Fulton said. The showers developed as this morning went on, and aren’t expected to go anywhere anytime soon. 

“Those showers will continue, again, kind of on and off, right through the remainder of the day, tonight, and right through Tuesday as well,” Fulton continued. “Probably looking like about somewhere around 30 millimetres of precipitation by the time we’re all wound up there.” 

The rain is being accompanied by winds, with gusts from the east and southeast upwards of 60 kilometres an hour at times. As well, there could be something a little extra embedded in the system.  

“There’s some elevated storms coming in,” Fulton added. “There was a thunderstorm in the southwest of the province last night, but we’re not expecting them to be severe.  

Behind the low-pressure system, though, could be some more sunshine. The forecast is calling for temperatures to also get up to the high teens, just in time for the weekend.

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