A power outage this afternoon in the northeast part of the City has affected around 2,700 SaskPower customers.

Spokesperson for SaskPower, Scott McGregor, said they are still working to find out what caused the outage. 

"It looks like around 2:30 this afternoon an outage in the Weyburn area was reported to us. We currently have our crews patrolling to try and identify the cause and location of the outage. Unfortunately, we don't have any more details on that right now," he explained. "Once we have determined the cause of the outage show our crews will begin addressing what the issue is."

He said their website and Twitter / X should also be updated with an estimated time and resolution.

"There are any number of reasons why an unplanned outage may happen and it's just a matter of of kind of going through the proper steps to identify where it started and what the cause was so that we can devise an appropriate plan to to restore it," he added.

"Sometimes the issue is very, very apparent and very obvious to see, like if a tree comes down into a power line and brings it down, it's pretty easy to sell where the issue is and what happened and how to fix it. Other times, it might be a piece of faulty equipment and a transformer, it may be a switch at one of our switching stations, so it's just it's the process our technicians just have to go through the process to kind of work backward to figure out what the issue was and how to fix it."