January has shrugged off the warmer weather of December as temperatures are approaching their seasonal average.

That will get temperatures well below the freezing mark and into the usual -10 to -20 C mark for the season.

You can expect the cooler weather later this week, according to Environment Canada.

"We do see some colder air moving in, but it's all relative," said meteorologist Terri Lang. "It's still running above seasonal averages up until the end of the week when we actually get towards the seasonal averages, the 30-year average with a high temperature of -10 and overnight lows averaging around -21. So still staying above that for the bulk of the week." 

January will also feel closer to the season as snow is in the forecast, though Lang doesn't think a storm is looming.

"The systems that are forecast to move through look quite weak at this time. So we'll kind of keep an eye on them and see if they actually produce any kind of precipitation." 

It's beneficial to remember winter safety tips as the months switch over and cold weather returns to the southeast.

"I think with the nice weather that we had we've been kind of lulled into a sense of complacency with respect to the weather. So just remember with the coldest temperatures out there to dress appropriately."

"If there's snow starting to move in remember to check the forecast and the highway hotline before heading out and remember those winter driving skills because they haven't had to be used all that much this winter so far."

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