Day two of Seed 'n Feed was another great success, this time taking our crew South of Weyburn to visit Chad and Britany Culham along with their helping hands. Although some stretches of back road still held water from recent rains, the meals made their way to each field in timely fashion thanks to the F-150 provided by Great plains Ford, official sponsor of the event.

After making sure their guys in the fields were fed, we met back at the yard with Chad and Britany. "It's still a bit wet in spots," said Chad, "Brody, our hired hand, got a bit stuck once but just a quick tug and he was out. Nothing too bad!" Many more stories were swapped over the tailgate while everyone had a slice of pizza.

"Now all we need is to get the rest of the seeding done, and a good rain when the time is right!"

-Britany Culham

Great Plains Ford and Golden West will be delivering more hot lunches to the fields for a randomly chosen winner every weekday for the remainder of May. You can nominate your favourite farmer for a chance to win HERE.