Today's winner of Seed 'n Feed was Matt Renas whose nomination came from his brother, Tyson Renas. Matt was paid a visit by our own Jessie Kohl in the F-150 provided by our partner Great Plains Ford. Kohl made the delivery to his farm East of Cedoux swiftly due to threats of additional rain and thunder looming in the forecast. 

Although there have been delays, Renas said he was finished seeding about 2/3rds of his land, thankfully with no breakdowns along the way. "But my AC did quit in the tractor on a +30 day. We got that fixed pretty quick," he added with a smile. Renas went on to share that he is planting a wide range of crops this year including Spring Wheat, Oats, Flax, Large Green Lentils, and Small Green Lentils. 

Great Plains Ford and Golden West will be delivering more hot lunches to the fields for a randomly chosen winner every weekday for the remainder of May. You can nominate your favorite farmer for a chance to win HERE.