A phone call to the Weyburn Police Service from a concerned citizen ended with a person being arrested last week.  

“On Monday evening, police received a request of a well-being check of a person who appeared to be slumped over behind the wheel at a local drinking establishment,” Constable Kalin Wiebe with the WPS said of the call.  

Officers responded to the scene, and what they discovered wasn’t a person in the front seat.  

Police said the driver’s seat had been tilted forward against the steering wheel. There were two people inside the vehicle, but they were both in the back seat, and one of those occupants was in a little bit of trouble.  

“One of the passengers was actually subject of an arrest warrant from another police service in the province,” Cst. Wiebe explained. “That person was arrested, without incident, and later released for a future court date.” 

The call was one of 68 the WPS received over the course of the week ending April 21st. The calls would result in 20 charges – nine under the Criminal Code, ten under the Traffic Safety Ace, and one under the Tobacco Tax Act. One-third of the criminal code charges were related to either failing to comply with a condition of release or failing to attend court as required.