The month of April has been not just dry, but drier than normal.  

For the month so far, just 1.6 millimetres has fallen on Weyburn, making it the driest month of the past 12. That could change tomorrow, however, as the April showers will come pretty much all in one shot on the last day of the month.  

“We should see the clouds start to increase overnight tonight, and rain is forecast to start sometime in the morning tomorrow,” said Natalie Hasell. She is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. “That first shot of rain should be somewhere around 10 to 15 mils (millimetres) for the Weyburn area.” 

The system that is coming through will have some embedded convection, which could mean some areas will get more rain, with some gustier wind above the 40 kilometres an hour currently being forecast. Then, after a brief reprieve on Wednesday, more precipitation. 

“Then the next system comes in, more rain on Thursday night, and should be continuing into Friday as well,” Hasell continued.  

The rain isn’t expected to stop on the weekend either. While the amounts haven’t been determined, two of the major forecasting models, the North American ensemble and the European ensemble, both show more systems bringing precipitation to the southeast corner of the province next week as well.  

“Of course, as we go further in this forecast, certainty is lower, the spread is wider, but we do see quite a few models still suggesting some precipitation,” Hasell cautioned. “Most of these models suggesting very large amounts of precipitation are definite outliers, but it does suggest something could be coming through at that time.” 

The temperatures could also lead to some issues for travel. The forecast for the overnight lows will be just above the freezing mark on Thursday and Friday nights. Hasell warned this could lead to some potential icy conditions if the temperature drops slightly. She advised to check the road conditions before heading out onto the highways, just to be sure. 

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