The Soo Line Boxing Club will be presenting the Spring Break Showdown at the Weyburn Legion on March 30th.

Head Coach Clint Ducharme said there are ringside tables of eight available for $500, and general admission is $20 for adults and $15 for youth 15 and under.

"We have limited availability for ringside tables, and you will be provided with cold-cut tray platters," he explained, noting the tables are going fast.

Food and drinks will also be available for purchase at the event, which will be cash only.

"We're going to have boxers that are going to be entering the ring from junior A to open boxers, so you're looking at basically 10-year-old boxers, up to intermediate boxers that have like six or seven fights, and then you have open boxers, which means you have over 10 fights and then once you get over 10 and 11 fights, you are an open boxer and you can fight anybody that has up to 100 fights. Open is open. All the weight categories and everything are matched up, age categories are matched up."

Ducharme said they will have the Saskatchewan Boxing Association officials, there as well as a doctor on hand to ensure safety for everyone.

This is a fundraiser for their club, he noted, which is a non-profit organization.

"We are inviting everybody down to come out and support the Soo Line Boxing card, to raise money for our club so that we can continue to bring boxing to Weyburn," said Ducharme. "All the profits from this event will go towards providing our athletes with new equipment, gym space, rental costs associated with the competition and so many other costs."

"When we travel, we need to help people who can't afford to travel with the cost of that also for the fight team. So I will reach into my own pocket many times, and just bring them along and pay for their way just to help them along because there are people that can't afford anything. And I'm not here to take money from people. I'm here to help people."

Keeping the club's doors open, he said, does rely on sponsorships. 

"Our ring sponsor, which will put your business name on the ring, is $300. Our bout sponsor, to put sponsors' names on the bouts, is $200, and our award sponsors, because we have ordered awards for the event, is $100. If you would like to be a sponsor and support the Soo Line Boxing Club, just reach out to me at 306-405-0095 or 

Ducharme added, "I'm going to try to get all of our boxers into the ring and let Weyburn know what we are about, as a team at the boxing club. We're more of a family-orientated thing, and it's the small-town feel because it's Weyburn, and you create a really strong bond with all of your participants."

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