May Monster Cash, powered by Barber Motors, made the new Co-op Home Center its base of operations this morning. Those listening to AM 1190, Big 106, and Magic 103 from 10:00am to 12:00pm were given two unique passcodes and our live-broadcast location for a chance at being the first to arrive on site and win $100 cash.

Our first big winners were Luxx and Hailey, who wasted no time in getting down to the Home Center. Their speediness and keen ears earned them some free cash to help them gear up for a Summer of fun.

Ryley made it a mission to win the second go around, and she came armed with the passcode just moments before other listeners came pouring in. 

Congratulations to today's winners, and thanks to the Co-op Home Center for sponsoring today's live broadcast! Barber Motors and Golden West will be Sending May Monster Cash to a new location tomorrow, so make sure you tune in for your chance to win.

Luxx and HaileyLuxx and Hailey made it just in time to claim their prize.