The Soo Line Cruisers Car Club took eight of their members' cars to the 55th annual Majestics Car Show in Regina at the end of April. 

"We decided to bring out eight cars and create a club display, and just show off our club and show off the beautiful cars that we've worked so hard for and put so much money into. Oddly enough, all eight cars that we brought to the car show this year, all in place in the top three, we had four that placed first in their particular class and my car somehow walked away with three first-place trophies. So it was quite the event," shared Soo Line Cruises Car Club member, Sedley's Dylan Ochoski. 

The Majestics show boasted nearly 50,000 attendees.

"Just to see the smiles on everyone's faces and all the stories and all the pictures that were being taken. That's what means the most," he said. "Shout out to Majestics car club, for the beautiful lighting and sound and just the whole layout was excellent. It's the best show in southern Saskatchewan in my opinion." 

He said their cars ranged from a 1920s hot rod to triplets of Impalas to his '80s G-body.

 "So a great diverse selection of vehicles for the general public to enjoy," he said. "I was extremely proud of the club of our display, all of our vehicles, how clean they were, and the feedback from the general public was fantastic. We have such diverse cars that we brought to the show this year, it was excellent."

Ochoski's 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme won in the Post-1960s Custom, Best Custom, and Best Post-1972. 

He said this was his very first car, which was purchased when he was 16 years old. 

"We bought it on September 11th, 2004, and currently this is the third version of it that I've done and obviously definitely my favorite so far," he shared. "It's got a fuel-injected LSX motor swap, it's got Hurst lightning rods, tubular suspension, Corvette disc brakes, and probably the best modification that I've done to it is the four-panel panoramic roof, so I cut the roof out of a Pontiac G6 in the junkyard and modified it to fit on my car, so it's got a full glass roof and they definitely didn't come with that."

"It's a car that I've just held dear to my heart. It's everything I've ever wanted. And I was lucky enough that I have some kind of talent, and I created what I envisioned, finally, after this many years." 

He said the paint colour is called ceasium blue, a tri-stage from the newer Jaguars, and it was painted at East-Wey Auto Body. 

"A lot of us do our own work in our garages of course and then some of the items, I mean you simply just can't take on that task by yourself. So you get some professional help like at East-Wey. Steve has painted multiple cars in our club, and has always done a fantastic pristine job. So shout out to Steve."

Ochoski said their club members take a huge amount of pride in their vehicles.

"It's great to share that camaraderie with other people that have the exact crazy car ambitions," he noted. "We like to talk amongst ourselves and make changes and different modifications and stuff like that. So it's great for all this to be involved, and we just all share that same extreme passion for the love of cars."

He explained that car enthusiasts like him spend a lot of time on their cars.

"A lot of late nights, and a lot of money, unfortunately, but it's all worth it in the end," he commented. 

"It's not just a car to us. You know you can ask any passionate car collector, car restorer, or whatever you want to call it. They're not just cars, you know. We take a lot of pride and make family sacrifices, don't go on trips. Go to car shows instead, lots of late nights, and early mornings to get these cars to the level that we like them to be, to show them in a an extensive indoor show like such as Majestics, it takes a lot of time and money."

He said it's a good thing his girlfriend Kelsey and his baby girl Grace also enjoy the car scene. 
Ochoski advised anyone who wants to get into car restoration to figure out what car works for their ideal car project and to ideally work in a garage.

"Don't be scared to grab that wrench or grab that piece of sandpaper and, you know, start the restoration process," he shared. "We're all easy to talk to. We all share the same passion, and that's to help each other out in the car world." 

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