It was one of the most successful years to date for the Weyburn Mayhem Manor group and their annual Halloween haunt.

Over the past few years, the group has moved from Ernie Parisien's garage to houses around the community, to a space in the mall. This year, they went bigger than ever before, taking over Weyburn's Heritage Village for "The Haunting of Heritage Hill".

According to social media, this year saw roughly 700 guests go through the haunt. Mayhem Manor noted that this was "much less than I wanted BUT the first 3 nights we had to turn people away."

Throughout the first three nights of the haunt, social media was filled with people raving about the experience but also noting that the weight times were upwards of 2.5 hours. Given that they could only run the haunt to a certain time each night, they did end up having to turn people away, with hopes they would come back for the final haunt Halloween night.

The haunt itself took just over 20 minutes to walk through and was the biggest haunt to date, involving 55 actors and countless man-hours leading up to and during the production.

The Manor crew managed to bring in $14,000 from the event which will be divided between Weyburn Heritage Village, Weyburn Humane Society, and Weyburn Minor Ball.