Mainprize Regional Park held a submission period for a photo contest and is now asking for the public to vote for their favourites.

"The past two seasons we've been trying to bring our social media more mainstream, give more exposure to the park because Mainprize is such a beautiful park, and we get a lot of great photos," shared Park Manager Michelle Walsh.

She said the project was the idea of one of the park staff, Lois Feaver, who spearheaded everything from the beginning of the season. 

"So it could be within the park, it could be on our golf course, it could be in the campgrounds, we got a lot of beautiful photos of scenery, like sunsets, and evening skies. But it was open to anyone and everyone to submit throughout the season and all these photos are from this year and it really showcases how great of a season we've had out here," she commented. 

"We had everybody send their photos into entry, sign a waiver because even though we are choosing a grand prize winner who's going to get small some Mainprize swag, we are probably going to use a lot of these photos on our social media for some of our events and just show people what's actually going on in the park," Walsh noted. 

"We're pretty passionate about how pretty it is out here. When you see these photos, it is phenomenal."

One issue they are having, however, is that not all of the photos are showing up on the mobile app, so a computer may be needed for some to view each photo.

"It's kind of a learning process for us, of course, but we had over 95 photos," she said. "We had a small link posted on our website and it wasn't able to be viewed, so we do have it pinned to the top of our Facebook page and lots of people on our staff have been sharing it. We're hoping if you're somebody who's entered your photo, you're sharing it like crazy so that you are the winner of the swag because, of course, whoever gets the most votes from their photo is going to be the grand prize winner."

Voting ends Sunday night, with the winner being announced on the morning of Monday, August 28th. Find the link HERE.

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