The Weyburn Curling Club is bringing a new event to its members on February 9th and 10th: the first annual Turner Cup Bonspiel.

"We were looking for a way to create a little bit more energy and buzz around the club, so we thought we'd put a competitive bonspiel in place for members only, where we could get them out competing against each other for some bragging rights for the year," shared board member Chad Fingler. 

He said they will have two captains, male and female, from the under 50 group, and two from the over 50 group.

"Those captains are then tasked with picking the members of their teams and moving forward into the competitive format."

The event will be open to the public to come and watch the senior team take on the younger team.

"The Turner Cup format is kind of similar to what a Ryder Cup or something like that would be, where there are three different matches off Friday night and two on Saturday, and there'll be different formats for how the teams collect points," he explained. "The first one will be wins and losses of the team, the second one's going to be more of a skins idea where every end is worth points and then the last one is going to be the accumulation of points of differential between the all the points for and against the two teams. So every point will matter in that last match." 

Fingler noted that the new bonspiel is named after the 'inspirational' Don and Elva Turner, who were two of the founding members of the Weyburn Curling Club.

Their love of curling is what led them in 1975 to begin collecting the artifacts that fill the Turner Curling Museum, which opened in 2012 and is located in Weyburn at the exhibition grounds. More than 18,000 curling pins from around the world are on display in the museum, which features one of the largest collections of curling memorabilia in all of Canada.