When it comes to fireworks within the City of Weyburn, there are some rules to follow, as laid out in the Fireworks Bylaw. The bylaw itself states no fireworks can be used within the city limits, with the exception of a few days. 

“They are allowed New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, as well as Canada Day, and the day prior to Canada Day,” explained Constable Kalin Wiebe with the Weyburn Police Service. While the fireworks are allowed on those days, there are still rules to follow.  

They can only be fired off from their own private property, and the person setting off the fireworks must be over 18 or under the direct supervision of someone over 18. Other rules include needing to have fire extinguishing equipment on hand, as well as complying with minimum distance requirements.  

For those who want to set off fireworks outside of those dates, there is a way to do so. 

“A person can apply for a permit outside of those days, however, if they are outside of those days, and they do not have a permit, they are not allowed within the City of Weyburn,” Cst. Wiebe added. 

Permits for fireworks, whether family fireworks displays or commercial events, need to be obtained from the Weyburn Fire Department.