Another 'secret service' has recently been revealed at the Weyburn Public Library: a DIY framing station is available to use for free. 

"We've had it for quite a while, and nobody knows, which is why it's a secret," shared Branch Manager Dawn Silver. "So Serena decided to blow its cover and put it out there for everybody to see because pictures get damaged, you get new pictures and you want to put a mat, and you want it to look professional. Maybe you've got an annual picture of your children from school and you can reuse the same frame, but maybe you want to change the color of the matting to match what they're wearing." 

She said for the most part, the framing station sits unused.

"The measure and the cutters themselves are quite expensive, and so we've got this lovely thing we don't use very much and the community should know and have it."

Users just need to bring their own materials, and Silver noted that frames can be purchased new in stores, including second-hand, or online, and mats can be acquired just as easily - or you can even just use heavy card stock.

To reserve the cutters, just give them a call the day before you want to do your project.

The framing station, the 3D printer, the Cricut machine, a sewing machine, a grand piano, and the free little pantry are just some examples of the kinds of resources available at WPL.

framingPhoto courtesy of WPL /Facebook.

Silver said someone recently donated an embossing tool. 

"We just got it a couple of weeks ago and it makes the prettiest designs," she shared. "You could use it on a mat if you wanted to if you just wanted to use card stock. It has a template and you run it through with the paper with a little hand crank and no power involved. It really is neat and it's very effective and it's very attractive."