The newest team to join the Prairie Gold Lacrosse League (PGLL) held its first Spring camp session over the weekend. The Razorbacks will represent Weyburn in Junior BII Box Lacrosse joining Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, and Swift Current. Weyburn hopefuls aged 17-22 were displaying their skills on the field this past Saturday- some shaking the rust after being away from the sport for a few years. Caden Dennis was one of those returning athletes who was grateful for the opportunity to continue his Lacrosse career in his hometown. 

"I started in grade six, played for Estevan for 2 years before Weyburn had a league, and then played in Weyburn up until Midget. Then I got too old, and we didn't have a Junior team yet," said Dennis, explaining his absence from the sport. "I'm a little out of shape after being out for 2 years, but I'm pushing through and that will get better. We'll see what happens as we enter our first year!"

Head Coach Matthew Dalton agreed that there's a bit of work to do before everyone is back up to speed, particularly with cardio, but admitted that's always expected to be the case at the beginning of the year. Also returning to Lacrosse, and the community of Weyburn, Dalton had previously coached in local programs before moving to Saskatoon for a teaching position. He expects that the 3-4 year gap should be quick to bridge thanks to the foundational relationships that he built with players now trying out for the Junior team.

"I've gotten to work with all these kids before in the Thrashers program, so it's unreal to see them now as adults," said Dalton. "From day one of starting Lacrosse in Weyburn it's been our goal to make sure they can stay here and do what they love to do. It's nice to see parents out here supporting on the first night, and I'm excited to pack the barn for our first home game!"

General Manager Randy Labrecque echoed the same excitement, adding how proud he is to see Lacrosse culture growing in his community. Joining the PGLL was merely a hope only a short 4 months ago, but thanks to Labrecque's keen eye for opportunity he was able to recognize the right elements coming together to make Weyburn's first Junior Lacrosse team a reality.

"I think that when opportunity arises you can either work towards it, capitalize on it and turn it into something great, or you can let it pass you by," said Labrecque. "Our Head Coach Matt Dalton and I go way back in the world of Lacrosse and having him coming back closer to the Weyburn area along with the group of kids coming up as our first Junior team played a big part in making this possible. We also had some great people from the community jump on board to help us move forward, and I think that putting these kids' development in the hands of people who know them and know their families is huge for anyone involved in the program."

Looking ahead to the future of the team, Labrecque sees stands filled with Razorback jerseys and an in-game experience for fans inspired by the Saskatchewan Rush. Although it will take time and devotion to get there, he believes it's possible by laying the right foundations now. 

"Our goal right now is to establish our culture," explained Labrecque. "We want this team to be something that kids want to be a part of, and as an organization we want businesses to feel proud of partnering with us. Being able to offer family-friendly entertainment is a big part of that, and we'll see where this first year takes us."

Head Coach Matthew Dalton urges Weyburn to keep an eye out for the first Razorbacks home game. After getting to see the talent that he'll be working with for their inaugural season, he said that fans should expect "fireworks" for their first match. You can stay up to date with the Weyburn Razorbacks Junior BII team in the Prairie Gold Lacrosse League by checking out their FACEBOOK PAGE, and you can learn more about the PGLL by clicking HERE. The Spring camp sessions continue in the meantime, with the next scheduled for the evening of March 16th. All members of the public are welcome and encouraged to spectate at this and future camp dates.