Over the holiday season, the Weyburn Police Service was quite pleased there were no charges for impaired driving. While there were a few incidents in the first part of December, there were none over the stretch between Christmas and New Year's. This past week, however, saw the Weyburn Police Service dealing with a pair of impaired drivers.  

One of the incidents was reported last Thursday, and the second on Friday. 

“Both incidents were cases that involved a witness that called the police to report on a vehicle that they had seen being driven erratically,” explained Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype. Officers were able to locate the suspect vehicle in both situations.  

The call Thursday had officers conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle, where they say the man behind the wheel was displaying signs of impairment. Further investigation resulted in a charge for impaired driving, as well as failing to comply with a probation order.  

In the incident on Friday, the witness had reported the suspect vehicle had struck some property and driven off, then got stuck a short distance away. Police arrived on the scene, and said the driver was showing signs of impairment. The man was arrested and charged with impaired driving. The arrest wasn’t without incident, however, as the man was also charged with resisting arrest as well as having open alcohol in a vehicle.  

In all, the Weyburn Police Service dealt with 119 calls for service over the past week, which resulted in 27 charges under the Criminal Code, nine charges under the Traffic Safety Act, and another three charges under other acts, including the Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act.