A high visibility enforcement traffic project conducted by the Weyburn Police Service on Thursday stopped more than 300 vehicles, with 99 percent of the drivers being able to go on with their evening. One percent, however, did not have that option.

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype said police were very clearly visible in the mall parking lot throughout the evening of April 25th. 

"These high visibility enforcement traffic projects that we do occasionally are supported by SGI and they are exactly that, they are a high visibility," he explained. "There's nobody hiding around the corner per se. It's pretty well lit up, very visible, just bringing out the awareness to all drivers out there to abide by the traffic laws and increased traffic."

Three drivers did, however, "receive some type of driving infraction where they lost their driver's license for at least a period of time."

One was an alcohol-related impaired driving charge, with two three-day suspensions for drivers who tested positive for a controlled substance.

VanDeSype clarified that the HVEs are, "just to make people aware that the police are out there, and the whole purpose of it is to increase the safety of our roads."