The Water Security Agency (WSA) is monitoring the southeastern part of the province as a Colorado Low is moving in.

Sean Osmar, Spokesperson for the Water Security Agency (WSA), said that it looks like it's going to arise sometime this evening, and it might park itself until about Saturday. 

"With that storm coming, we're looking at about 40 to 60 millimetres of rain for most of the area, and that area covers pretty much south of the number one highway from Coronach all the way to the Manitoba border, up to about Kipling; so kind of in that triangle down that way. There are areas where we might see higher accumulations up to 80 millimetres, or even more." 

Osmar said it depends on how the storm develops and how long it stays. "We're keeping an eye on it and we'll provide updates as conditions develop."

He said that the Southeast had a pretty strong runoff recently, so they know that the soil is already charged up with water.

"We are watching for higher flows, particularly along the Souris River portions of Long Creek Basin as well. Areas from about Rafferty Dam to Bechard in that area is where we expect to see some of the higher flows."

"There is the potential for some localized flooding depending on the total amounts and where it falls, and all of that. So we are advising that there might be some localized flooding in the low lying areas around there. But we do have storage available at Rafferty and Grant Devine for a lot of this water to come in."

Osmar explained that they should be able to manage some of these flows coming out of the reservoirs along the Souris River and downstream from there, but he said that, "We're advising the public to be aware of some of the areas around the water channels and the rivers in that area, the flows might be much higher." 

As well, he cautioned residents to take precautions and to be aware of their surroundings.

"If the water does seem very high and very fast moving, keep your distance from that and just be aware of your surroundings."