Baseball players will be arriving soon in Weyburn to play for the Beavers, but team president Garnet Hansen told Discover Weyburn, they are still hoping to find more billets to accommodate them. 

"I was hoping that we wouldn't be having this conversation 10 days before the players started arriving, but we are very desperately in need of host families right now, to house our players and coaches.” 

He said they need to find 10 more spots to put players and coaches, which is significant. 

Host families, he noted, are compensated. 

"We pay $350.00 a month. Each host family for each player they keep there's a meat pack from Western Prime Meats. We have discount cards from BP's and Lowbrow Barbecue," he shared. "Passes for the family to all the home games."

"I think it's an opportunity to develop a lifelong friendship with player or coach that you had previously probably not known until now." 

"You get as much as you put into it, so you know these players are coming here very appreciative of the opportunity to play in a high-calibre league like the Western Canadian Baseball League and they're coming here to further their career and you want a nice place to stay their two and a half months."

Hansen noted they play 56 teams in just over two months, and half of the games are on the road. 

'These kids are all playing in college somewhere in Western Canada, so they've been on their own for a year, two, three years, whatever," he added. "So they're fairly independent by now." 

He said you can find out all the details on their website HERE or via Facebook.