The 'Friends of Isaiah' fundraiser at Leicester Family Restaurant will include a Family Day on May 28th. As part of an overall goal to raise $100,000 to purchase a medical van for seven-year-old Isaiah Evans, the restaurant has a special menu from which a portion of the proceeds goes toward the fund, and they're also selling message cards. Read more HERE, and HERE.

The event will feature bouncy castles from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and the Soo Line Cruisers will be holding a car show and rally from 4:00 to 7:00. 

Admin for the Soo Line Cruisers Car Club, Contessa Hill, said their organization loves being invited to charitable events in the community. In fact, they had been planning a car rally for that day anyway, so they were so glad when Shannon Seitz, who works at Leicester's and as an Educational Assistant for Isaiah, reached out to them.

"It just kind of worked out perfectly, because we love it when people reach out, we love doing community things. We all love showing off our cars," she shared, adding she's always one for helping out with a fundraiser, but she also has a personal connection with Isaiah as she works with his aunt.

"We love it when anybody reaches out to the car show," Hill noted. "Last year, the [Community of Yellow Grass] called upon us and they do, I guess, a parade for their grads. And so a bunch of us rode out to Yellow Grass to be part of their grad parade, so we loved it that Shannon reached out to us."

She said they'll park their cars and they hope to have a great turnout at Leicester's, and all are welcome to join in on the show.

"They do not have to be a member. If you've got a car, come on down to Leicester's next Sunday, May the 28th. Bring your car. It doesn't cost anything to put your car in the car show. It doesn't cost anything to come down and enjoy the Family Day that Shannon has set up."


The Soo Line Cruisers will host a Show & Shine event on June 17th. Read more HERE.