The winter storm continues in Weyburn and many in the area are beginning to work at removing the snow. 

Crews were out Sunday afternoon working to clear off priority roads and will continue working to clear off all roads over the next several days. You can read more on the City's plans for snow removal here.

Residents were also out shoveling and snow-blowing, despite the fact that snow continues to fall. Although there has not been official amounts released as of yet, snow was anywhere between ankle-deep and knee-deep depending on drifts. 

The Weyburn Police Service has advised caution during and following the winter storm, more on that here. As of Sunday afternoon, travel is not recommended on all highways in the Weyburn area. As conditions change, they will be available through out Road Report Link.

The winter storm is expected to continue into Monday morning with more snow in the forecast for the early parts of the week.