Creating community connections by sharing space is just one of the ways the R.M. of Weyburn has been able to utilize their new office location at 1633 First Avenue northeast.

With a grand opening celebration being held earlier this summer for the R.M., the now full staff at their office have been keeping busy digitizing files.

"That fire that the Town of Radville had last year kind of was an eye-opener for a lot of us, if something like happens then all your files are gone," said Reeve Norm McFadden.

He said they've also been able to help out with their Community Meeting Room, which can be used free of charge by local non-profit organizations who need a meeting space. 

The room has been getting used quite a bit, he noted, including by the Nickle Lake Board, the WCS 2023 grad committee, and Weyburn Minor Football.

"It has its own access from outside. It's basically self-contained, it can be used almost at any hour, so it doesn't cause a disruption for the rest of the office if it happens to be a meeting that's during the day," explained McFadden. 

"Non-profits are non-profit for a reason. they don't have a lot of money on hand, and most non-profits are giving back to the community as well, in some way or another, so we thought, 'Let's do the same. Let's offer the meeting room to non-profits and help them out, too," he shared.

He said if an organization wants to use the meeting room, they just need to make arrangements ahead of time with their office, and they'll be given a key fob to open the door for a designated date and timeslot. 

The Community Meeting Room is a separate room from their Council chambers.

Rm of weyburnThe Council Chambers room at the R.M. of Weyburn office is separate from the Community Meeting Room, which is free for non-profit organizations to use when they book ahead of time.

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