The Saskatchewan Summer Games will be held July 21st to 27th In Lloydminster, and three of the four soccer coaches for Team Southeast were chosen from right here in Weyburn. This is thanks to active participation and involvement from the leadership of the Weyburn Soccer Association.

Last week, WSA's president Jason Roy was selected as the head coach for the boys' team, and his assistant coach will be Weyburn's Rob Jordens. The girls' coach will be vice president of the WSA, Tammy Friesen.

Roy said it was exciting and felt good to know they were selected out of a group of applicants.

"We encourage coaching education, and that's one of our strong suits. Weyburn Soccer pays for the coaching education," he noted. "So if anybody's ever wanting to coach or you are just starting out as a coach in Weyburn soccer, consider the education and take a look into it, talk to myself, or our tech director Tyler Hillstead. We'll help you get the education and I think that's what gets us further in the game and that's why we do get selected for these opportunities because you know what, these opportunities only come around once every four years."

With the last Summer Games being canceled in 2020 due to government restrictions, it has been eight years since the Summer Games were held.

"It's going to be so much fun and  I'm telling you, I got the privilege to do the Futsul in the Winter Games last year, so I have a little bit of experience on the Saskatchewan Games end of it, and it's an experience and I think if anybody gets an opportunity at one level or not, if you're volunteering somewhere, and do it cause it's so much fun." 

Find the official website for the Sask Summer Games 2024 HERE.