The Richardson Pioneer Weyburn Red Wings are not only hockey players, but also civic-minded individuals who love to give back to their community.

Nick Nielson, the voice of the Weyburn Red Wings, explains more about the ways in which the team dedicates time to volunteering.

"We got guys walking dogs for the Humane Society, and then every Sunday we got guys watching over the public skates, making sure the kids are having fun and that they are staying safe and kind of putting that time in to give back to the community."

He describes how much time and effort the team agreed upon they would devote weekly to volunteering within the community.

"We did a survey with the team at the end of the season last year, and that was something even the players said they wanted to do more of, was more work in the community. So this year we have a goal with the team to do 40 hours of community service as a team for each week."

He talks about a great opportunity to be a part of the Red Wings community.

"We're looking for someone to be Howie, and he brings a lot of energy into the rink whenever we have him and we really like having him. We're looking for someone who can be that guy who interacts with the kids a bit and brings some more energy into the crowd and has a lot of fun with it. We need someone who's about six feet tall to fit into the costume." 

For more information, contact the Weyburn Red Wings here 

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