Weyburn's Addison Greve came to the Discover Weyburn studios yesterday wearing her bronze medal from the Esso Cup in Prince Albert, where she and Weyburn's Rayna Hennie competed as part of the U18 AAA Regina Rebels.

Addison, 15, shared how intense it was to be at the national championship, which included having to play seven games in seven days.

"So that was crazy, but it was awesome. They fed us, they looked after us, everything. We ended up just spending a lot of time hanging out with our teammates. It was great to spend our last week together and doing something like that and we ended up winning the last game, which is nice," she shared. 

"We ended up losing two games in the round Robin, but we were able to bounce back and then we played Fraser Valley again in the semi-finals who we lost to 6-5 in the earned round robin. We ended up losing to them one nothing in the semifinals to go to the bronze medal," she explained.

She said they were happy to be able to take a medal home from the nationals. 

"That's the best we could wish for really."

Addison said this season was great due to having, "one of the closest-knit teams I've ever been on. Like the culture in our room, the energy, we all got along so well this year, it was great and we just wanted the best for each other really. This year I was super close with both of my linemates. We had a great season together."

A student at Martin Collegiate in Regina who lives with a billet family, Addison said they'll be back in the fall for her second year.

"Our vets will be gone to play next-level hockey, but then when we're in tournaments like in Calgary, for example, I have a couple teammates going to play university hockey there, so they said already that they're going to come to watch us and hang out with us and we'll be able to reunite with them."

She said this year they will see an influx of 2007-born players.

"We ended up having eight of us, we're a really young team this year. But for that, we'll be able to bond over the next three years and get even closer."

Addison said in addition to gym time this summer she'll be playing softball here in Weyburn, and will also get in plenty of ice time in Regina.

"I think it's great and really important to be a multi-sport athlete and get your mind off of your main sport, so I'm going to be playing softball, find some new teammates, get a new sport, get outside a little bit more."