Brayden King is riding a wave of momentum with his music career after his stint on American Idol. In fact, he's going on a three-week tour soon of western Canada. 

The 'Bad Night To Be A Beer' tour will keep King and his full band busy from May 16th to June 3rd. 

"We're doing all of Alberta, all of southern BC out to Vancouver, and then we're back for three shows in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Regina, and Weyburn," he shared. "Weyburn is second last on June 2nd, and that concert will be myself and Dan Cugnet. Tickets are on sale now for the Legion show, and they're going pretty quick. So if you want tickets, grab them while you can."

King said they'll be touring with BC artist Beamer Wigley

"He's been on tour with a lot of heavy hitters. He's played with Dwight Yokam, George Canyon, Brett Kissel, there's a giant list. We met at this past year's CMAs in Calgary and we decided we wanted to do this tour. Then it was just a little dream, and then we worked really hard to book it, and now we finally get to announce it, and it's gonna be so much fun. I can't wait."

He said he's truly Livin' the Dream, which is also the name of one of his most popular songs.

"This was always kind of the dream, being at the point where I'm at right now, being able to tour Canada with a band, except I didn't think that this would happen two years into my career," he noted.

King shared it has taken a lot of hard work, but his shows and this tour were already coming to fruition prior to his participation in American Idol.

"American Idol just kind of boosted the hype around everything and the ticket sales and everything," he said. "So it's all perfect timing and I'm riding that wave of momentum right now and it's very exciting."

It's not just a lot of hard work. It's a full-time job.

"People are like, 'oh, you only just go play on the weekends. Like, do you have a job during the week?' No, this is full-time. I'm working every single day. If it's interviews and booking more shows and writing new songs, recording new songs, all the back end I have to be posting on it social media all the time and like that takes planning and everything so it truly is like a full-time job that I never expected it to be and but I'm so grateful. It's the best job I've ever had for sure."

Part of living the dream is having an entire audience sing along at his shows.

"That's the coolest thing. I just played in Grand Prairie last week for six shows in a row and they were all just packed and it was awesome, and on the Saturday night, I was requested to play Livin' the Dream three times. It was my last song of the night, and when I played it for the third time, I stepped away from my mic on the chorus and there was just a room full of people singing for me, and that was like 'woah, I don't know most of you people, but you all know me and you all know my music. I must be doing something right'. So that was really such a cool moment. I don't think I'll ever forget that, and I hope that that trend continues."

He said he's also seeing recognition in the music industry that he hasn't had prior to his unaired performances on American Idol.

"I went to the Alberta Country Music Awards last year and nobody knew who I was," he shared. "But then this year, I had conversations with literally everybody, and they weren't initiated by me. So it's like, so exciting to see that people are stoked with what I'm doing. I'm kind of being more recognized in the industry as someone that's taking it pretty serious, so it's so exciting. I cannot wait to see what this tour brings and what the next year brings in the next two years. We have plans for the next two years, so it's just so exciting and I'm just enjoying the ride." 

King shared with Discover Weyburn how he keeps himself from losing his voice.

"I have a really strict warm-up routine that I follow before every show, and because of that I have not completely lost my voice in over two years, which I'm very proud of because when I was in high school I used to lose my voice after every single show."

He said prior to the start of the tour, he'll also be taking off a full week.

"So we'll have a couple down days, I'll have the band down to Lethbridge, which is the first show. I'll get them down early and we'll get a couple of rehearsals in before we kick off on May 16th. We've been touring nonstop for the last year, so I'm used to it and I'm so ready for it. It's just so exciting."

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