Forty-two more recipients awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal on Thursday in Regina. From Weyburn, Mayor Marcel Roy, along with Colleen Weimer, Norm and Shirley Mondor, Jerry and Orlando Mainil, Brent Allin, Harold Whiteoak, Joanne Bannatyne-Cugnet, and Dan Cugnet.

Dan Cugnet said, "it was very humbling to be nominated, and a great representation of other people from Weyburn being recognized."

"I can think of dozens and dozens of worthy people in our community who give of their time to volunteer or advance education or business," he shared. "I've nominated a few people and hope to see them receive this, and I'd encourage anyone who thinks they know someone who should be recognized to nominate them."

"I think we always get caught up thinking that it's some big thing, that people should be recognized or awarded for, and yes those are certainly deserving," noted Cugnet. "But, it's the volunteer coaches putting in all the time, or the folks that are always making sandwiches for a funeral luncheon, or working the library book sale, or concert series, or everyone who gives time to a community board or organization month in and month out. Those are the things that make our communities great and vibrant and connected to each other."

He said he hopes we celebrate and recognize all those people who give of themselves and their time, and deserve to be noticed in this way.

mirasty(L-R): Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Her Honour Mrs. Mirasty, Lieutenant Governor Russell Mirasty, and Dan Cugnet. Photo courtesy of Dan Cugnet.